Photo album from Korea

I was very happy to recently visit my new business partner Edward Lim in South Korea and to learn more about the exquisite hand worked and full bespoke tailoring which his team are producing for their customers.The exciting new concept is designed to appeal to the younger technologically competent customer who would like to buy into the Savile Row tradition of a "Made to Measure" service for suit and shirt tailoring, but this with the assistance of fast moving modern technologies that reflect the contemporary lifestyle.

Click to see some snapshots from my trip..

Some photos from my recent trip to Korea .

Edward Lim , my business partner with his daughter & friends
Cutting the pattern and the cloth, everything made by hand
Precision measurements are the foundation of bespoke tailoring
All of the stitching is made by hand by skilled tailors
Hand working the armholes
Lovely Donna in her office
One of Edward's shops which is being changed over to the new concept.
The restaurant where we spent a lovely last evening
A small moment to enjoy some of the many attractions of the Capital - Seoul.
Sights of Korea
Ice cream - Korean style
Buddhist temple with wonderful flowers
Sights of Korea- the Buddhist temple

The floral elephant at the temple .