Personal Tailoring at Mark Stephen

Mark Stephen places the greatest importance on the perfect fit, and in recognition of this we have our own in-house tailors always on hand to fit customers and to make alterations to our ready to wear tailoring.

95% of Mark Stephen London customers opt to be fitted and personally tailored, although if a customer is based outside of London they may find it more convenient to use their own local tailor for the final adjustments. All of our tailoring has generous built in seam allowances to facilitate this.

For some simple alterations such as trouser hems we can sometimes tailor the same day. The more complex alterations out of the list of 30+ possible alterations may take a few days since most customers request several different adjustments, that may include nipping in the jacket waist, lengthening or shortening sleeves or trousers, or tapering trouser and many other refinements.There is a small subsidised charge for each tailoring alteration, but customers are usually more than willing to pay to have their suit perfectly fitted to them.

It should be noted too that this service does not end the day you step out of the store. Many customers make lifestyle changes, such as taking up running or lifting weights, or they may lose or gain weight over time. For this reason we welcome existing clients to return to be refitted again and again if needed over the lifetime of their Mark Stephen suit.

If you require spare trousers or a waistcoat, then it’s best to enquire when you buy the suit as this can often be arranged. It may be more difficult some seasons later as the seasonal cloth collections change every 6 months. Our tailors will also make small seam repairs as necessary, although for critical damages to the cloth, suit as cigarette burns or extensive tears we may need to refer you to specialist invisible tailors for advice.

However sometimes our customers would like something more than a “ready to wear” suit however beautifully tailored. They may perhaps need a special suit for a wedding, or just one that recognises the particular characteristics and preferences of each client.

At Mark Stephen, we can also offer a Made to Measure half-canvas suit which will be produced especially for you, from your own choice of wool or wool and mohair cloth, selected from the variety of fine Italian Biella cloth that we hold in stock in our tailoring workshops, with a choice of colour of our Italian saglia linings, and produced as an individual one–off piece by our suit maker in Italy.

The Made to Measure suit will be based around our usual sharp cut block, but your measurements will be taken in the store, in order to personalise the suit in the making to your exact fit.

You may also choose different design details, such as ticket pockets, feature buttonholes, choice of buttons and so on. For an extra charge you might choice a waistcoat, an extra pair of trousers, or whatever suits your lifestyle. You will then come for a final fitting in the store where our in-house London tailors will make any final adjustments that are needed to give the perfect fit.

The Made to Measure service will take a few weeks as each suit will be cut by hand, but for such a personal service your suit will be a one-off and exactly tailored to your preferences. We recommend to allow a good amount of time if there is a specific occasion such as a wedding in view.

Mark Stephen is proud to support the real Made in Italy for all of our tailoring : suits, jackets, trousers and coats. Our two small workshops follow a long sartorial tradition handed down through generations of the same families who have a real passion for tailoring and a great pride in craftsmanship, precision and excellence, which are all synonymous with the Italian tradition. Not content to stay with the old ways our tailors are always looking to move forward, staying close to the contemporary style evolution, without ever losing sight of their heritage and quality.

Sharp cut tailoring is the signature look of Mark Stephen, which basically means that the suit is designed and cut to follow the contours of the body in a very soft way that will be both elegant and streamlined but also supremely comfortable to wear. The many bespoke style details of each suit include real opening cuffs, extensive hand-stitching throughout, floating chest piece, sartorial one-piece collar, feature cuff buttonholes, corozo buttons and Italian saglia linings. The trousers are flat fronted as the current fashion is for a slimmer profile trouser, and they feature traditional waist side adjusters.

There is nothing mass produced about a Mark Stephen fitted suit. Each one is cut individually and every suit is stitched and assembled with great care and precision by experienced tailors and seamstresses who have spent many years perfecting their skills.

Our workshop in Italy makes all of our jackets and blazers, and also our coats, raincoats and trousers to the same high standard that is given to the suit tailoring.  Cutting edge approaches are also important and our tailors also specialise in half-lined and self-lined tailoring and this contemporary soft tailoring is ideally suited to some of the jacket styles , which gives a much softer, cooler appearance. The importance of separates has greatly increased in recent years as a part of the whole informal or posh-casual look which prevails in many work environments these days.

Every individual who shops at Mark Stephen is unique, and at Mark Stephen the suits are not main-stream or uniform either. Nothing is mass-produced; absolutely everything is created with the same care and attention that is given to Mark's Savile Row Collections. 

If you have any a special request about personal tailoring please contact our Spitalfields store on 0207 377 5802 , Monday to Friday 10.30am -7pm or