A stylish business trip to the Gulf States...

I just returned from a two week trip to the Middle East, kicking off in Dubai where I had some Made-to-Measure business to attend to, and from there I went on to Bahrain to meet up with the Al Arrayed family who have been good friends of ours for many years.

Since this was my first time in the region, I was keen to take in a spot of sightseeing and absorb something of the local culture.

In Bahrain I really experienced the meaning of Arab hospitality and had an excellent time. Also the Bahrain National Museum and the Beit Al Quran museum are must-sees for anyone visiting the island particularly to learn about Islamic art.


First stop on my trip was Dubai - Seen here the vibrant Deira Creek area.
The Deira Creek area of Dubai with one of the traditional boats.
The odd camel ..
Sunset over the desert
Morning coffee at the Al-Makharga souk in Manama.
Arabic sweets in great variety.
My friend Rashid visiting the nut seller My friend Rashid with the nut-seller, one of the many specialist traders.
Al-Makharga Souk -the tobacconist's shop
Rashid's family business - a veritable and fragrant apothecary !
L.M.Jewellers, one of the finest gold and pearl workers in Bahrain holds aloft a £200,000 necklace
Typical of the older style shops in the souk
Adopting the local Arabic style
All the bustle of the fruit market


At Mama's Villa, a very fine organic restaurant in Saar, with my friends Nabeel & Rashid


With Mr Al Arrayed and his lovely wife Samia at Meisei, a great Japanese fusion restaurant . Michael the chef is quite a character and produces eclectic dishes inspired by Italian & Japanese cuisine. Dr.Fadhel the owner has done a wonderful job in creating a dining place with a very nice ambience . On the higher floors there is a DJ playing light music and soon there will be a rooftop dining area.