Mark Stephen Marengo goes to South Korea

November 16th 2012 saw the launch of the Mark Stephen Purple line designed by Mark Marengo 31 Savile Row in South Korea. This exciting new concept devised by our partner Edward Lim, is designed to appeal to the younger technologically competent client who would like to buy into the tradition of a  "Made to Measure" service for suit tailoring and shirt  tailoring , but in a much more modern way that reflects the contemporary style of the 21st Century .

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At the store in South Korea the products can be viewed in different ways including on tablets and giant sized touch screens, and there are robots that select the garment from the shelves for viewing or purchasing.

A part of the technology is to be able to better organise the bespoke or make to measure tailoring and shirts and for them to be personalised to customers preferences which is a request that is growing significantly in recent years. Korea is a country where there have been great technological advances and the idea to marry these to the traditional skills that have long been practised on Savile Row is a very interesting concept.

Here Mark is seen explaining to the press and the television cameras about the Mark Stephen concept and the importance of quality, exclusivity and originality. Also the values of Made in England and Made in Italy which underline his philosophy and which he hopes that the businessmen of South Korea will be interested in.

Mark Stephen Purple Label  – An Affordable Investment in Quality, Lifestyle & Business.