Mark Stephen and the Real Made in Italy Tailoring.

Mark Stephen Purple Label - the diffusion line of Mark Marengo 31 Savile Row - is proud to support the real Made in Italy for all of the tailoring : suits, jackets, trousers and coats. 

Our two small workshops follow a long sartorial tradition handed down through generations of the same families who have a real passion for tailoring and a great pride in craftsmanship, precision and excellence, which are all synonymous with the Italian tradition. Not content to    stay with the old ways our tailors are always looking to move forward, staying close to the contemporary style evolution, without ever losing sight of their heritage and quality.

Read on to see how our suits are really made in Italy....

Mark with Vito and his three brothers who are all involved in the business.

Sharp cut tailoring is the signature look of Mark Stephen, which basically means that the suit is designed and cut to follow the contours of the body in a very soft way that will be both elegant and streamlined but also supremely comfortable to wear. The many bespoke style details of each suit include real opening cuffs, extensive hand-stitching throughout, floating chest piece, sartorial one-piece collar, feature cuff buttonholes, corozo buttons and Italian saglia linings. The trousers are flat fronted as the current fashion is for a slimmer profile trouser, and they feature traditional waist side adjusters.

There is nothing mass produced about a Mark Stephen fitted suit. Each one is cut individually and every suit is stitched and assembled with great care and precision by experienced tailors and seamstresses who have spent many years perfecting their skills.

Good quality cloth is fundamentally important. Top quality 100% wool is the most versatile fabric and will always repay the extra investment, over a synthetic blend with polyester or nylon. Mark Stephen uses superfine wools from the Biella region of Italy, often 110's count together with slightly heavier English wool cloths that are woven in Yorkshire and suit very well the vagaries of the British climate. Wool is crease-resistant, warm, takes colour beautifully in all its mixtures and melanges, and most of all drapes superlatively, which is essential for a smart looking fitted business suit.

Normally suits made with these level of suiting cloths, combined with the best traditions of Italian tailoring should retail for very much more, but experience has taught Mark that our customers place very great importance on these quality cloths which are fundamental to the tailoring of a good suit.

For Summer '13 Mark chose super lightweight wools and luxurious wool and mohair blends, another ideal high summer fabric, Lightweight, soft and with the exceptional lustre seen only in the very best suits, kid mohair is also the best choice for travellers as its high twist and springiness resist crumpling.

Mark is very happy to continue to make his suits in Italy as there is a sartorial tradition  dating back centuries , with many family firms experienced in the best traditions passed down from father to son. At our workshop there are four brothers whose are each skilled in different areas but who share the common love for their business , and for the products that they produce. Its very difficult to find this degree of attention to detail and precision, and indeed great versatility. Mark Stephen customers also greatly appreciate the enduring values of Made in Italy for our garments and cloth.

Our workshop makes all of our jackets and blazers, and also our coats, raincoats and trousers to the same high standard that is given to the suit tailoring.  Cutting edge approaches are also important and our tailors also specialise in half-lined and self-lined tailoring and this contemporary soft tailoring is ideally suited to some of the jacket styles , which gives a much softer, cooler appearance. The importance of separates has greatly increased in recent years as a part of the whole informalist or posh-casual look which prevails in many work environments these days.

Of course the core business for which Mark Stephen, designed by Mark Marengo 31 Savile Row, is recognised will probably remain the sharp cut suits with best-sellers for Summer 2013 being charcoal greys, navy blue and currently quite strong petrol blues which really cut a dash in the City or for bridegrooms and events.

All Mark Stephen Purple Label suits from the ready to wear or " pret a porter " collections are fitted to the clients in our stores at Spitalfields and London Docklands , and then they will be personally tailored to ensure the perfect sharp fit is achieved for each individual client,

Every individual who shops at Mark Stephen is unique, and at Mark Stephen the suits are not main-stream or uniform either. Nothing is mass-produced; absolutely everything is created with the same care and attention that is given to Mark's Savile Row Collections. Mark places great importance on returning customer satisfaction and personal recommendation.

Every individual who shops at Mark Stephen is unique, and the suits are not main-stream or uniform either. Nothing is mass-produced and absolutely everything is created with the same care and attention that is given to Mark's Savile Row Collections. Mark places great importance on returning customer satisfaction and personal recommendation.

With his Mark Stephen collection Mark reinstates the importance of smart, the love of clothing that is appropriate for every occasion from business to social, the antithesis of throwaway cheap fashion, and the enduring values of Made in Italy & Made in the UK.