About Us

At Mark Stephen we are  passionate about tailoring, and about achieving the perfect fit for every individual.  This sharp-cut tailoring is the signature look of Mark Marengo 31 Savile Row, designer of the Mark Stephen brand.

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At Mark Stephen we will take time to understand about your lifestyle and help you to make the best choice. We understand that good tailoring is a significant investment and that you therefore will expect your suit or jacket to pay you back over time.

At Mark Stephen you will find Half-Canvas suits which use the traditional tailoring methods of Savile Row. Mark Stephen suits are tailored in our workshops in Italy by craftsmen whose skills have been passed down through generations. Only the best cloths from Biella and Huddersfield in natural wool, mohair, linen and cotton are used.

Mark Stephen suits feature bespoke details including real opening cuffs and trouser side adjusters. Every suit will be tailored to your perfect fit by our in-house London tailors. Or, if you prefer to buy online each suit comes with generous seam allowances for the use of your local personal tailor. Alternatively a full Made to Measure service is available in our Mark Stephen Stores, or our visiting tailor will come to your London office, by appointment.

Mark Stephen signature tailoring is complemented by a total look collection each season of shirts, hand-made shoes, outerwear and accessories, all designed by Mark Marengo. Exceptional and original products offered at surprisingly affordable prices.